• How do I find your retailers?

    We are currently working on a dealer locator online tool. For now we advise you to contact our customer service which will help you to locate Altex retailers near your home.

  • What factors do I need to consider before buying a blind?

    You should consider your functional and aesthetical needs, in addition to your personal budget. Why do you need a blind for: privacy, decoration, visibility, enhanced lighting? Please refer to our fabrics section for more information about needs, and to our products section to explore our different types of blinds.

  • Does Altex have an architectural section?

    Yes, at Altex we work on both residential, light commercial and architectural lines; we accomplished projects with Trudeau Airport, Cirque du Soleil, Montréal Botanical Garden, Provigo and McGill University just to name a few. Please refer to our architectural website at Altex Sun Project lines of products.


  • How do I clean my Altex shade?

    This will depend on the type of blind you purchased. Please contact your local Altex retailer to find more about cleaning advices.


  • Can I install my own blind?

    Absolutely! Altex is proud to develop the easiest installation. All our of our blinds come with a guide to help you through your intallation at home.


  • I need to return my blind, where do I begin?

    Establish contact with your local Altex retailer. Make sure to state all the necessary corrections to the product.

    For returns for credit, the product must be returned to us in the same condition in which you received it. Any damages or products received in poor condition may result in charges to the sender. If the product was damaged during shipping, it is important to return it to us in its original box.


  • How long is the Altex warranty?

    Our products including motors, electric accessories and electronics controls are under warranty for 5 years. Springs and chain systems are for under 1 year of warranty. See more details here.


  • How do I know which blind is the best for me?

    The purchase of a blind must be made on its function and looks. Each of our blinds has different uses and design styles. Our retailers will be happy to guide you in this process.

  • What is the difference between a traditional roller shade and the Aleo?

    Our Aleo™ line is an upgrade of the Roller shade line with increased quality and enhanced mechanism, available at a premium price.

  • What customization options are available to me?

    Our blinds give you the opportunity for full customization in addition to the choice of the model, fabric and color. For example, our Aleo can have cassettes covered or not with fabrics for a finished touch. Our chains are available in plastic, nickel-plated steel and stainless steel. Then, we have a wide range of choices of valances, mouldings (wood and faux wood), appliqués and bottom bars.

  • I have a window with a non-traditional shape (e.g. triangle, round, half-moon, etc.), what can I do?

    Our Fixed Multiform shades are the ideal solution for various shapes of windows and are available in opaque, translucent and transparent.


  • What is a stock shade?

    Stock shades are very similar to roller shades, but are only available in one fabric (Altitude #11 white) and can only be ordered in predefined sizes, in boxes of two or five shades. Stock shades are popular due to their excellent quality/price ratio and their fast shipping.


  • I want to know more about the Altex Lite-lift® system.

    Altex uses several systems for most of its shades but is proud to have developed the Lite-Lift® for its Aleo™. Our Lite-lift® enables an easy handling of the raise and lowering of the shade, whatever its size is. In addition, it has enhanced durability and can be pull from its bottom bar.


  • How do I know which fabric is the best for me?

    Our website has a section on fabrics here which is aimed to guide you through the different uses and benefits of our fabrics. We have a choice of opaque, translucent, transparent and Ambio® fabrics.

  • I want privacy but still want to have some light, is this possible?

    Absolutely. Our translucent fabrics have this sole purpose and are an ideal choice for a bathroom or for a window with a view on the street. See our range of translucent fabrics here.

  • Are there any fabrics to decrease sun glare in my office or in my living room where my television is?

    Yes we have a variety of fabrics from transparent to translucent to Ambio® which attenuates the reflection on screens in your interior. Please explore our fabrics here to find them.


  • What precautions can I take if I have small children/ pets?

    We advise that chains must be out of reach from your children and pets, therefore move the furniture away from the chains if you can. You must use our cord retainer to fix the chain to your wall or explore options of motorized shades with the help of your local retailer. Please consult our Child Safetysection or Contact our customer service for more information.

  • Are your fabrics fire retardant?

    We do have a wide range of fire retardant fabrics available in different fabric categories. Please consult with one of your local Altex retailers.



  • Do you have energy efficient fabrics?

    Yes we do. Some of our transparent, translucent and opaque fabrics can act as thermal insulators. In addition, Altex also proposes a range of PVC free, bacteria prevention and harmful substances control standards fabrics. Please consult our retailers or check our Environmental Responsibility section for more information.

  • Do I get lower quality if I choose eco-friendly blinds?

    Our range of eco-friendly fabrics such as the Ecoscreen® are fabrics of top quality (fire retardant, PVC free, etc.) and are aimed to provide you the best user experience inside your home.


  • I want an Altex motorized blind. What do I need to do, what should I consider?

    First you should find out if your blind can have access to motorization with the help of our local retailers. The next steps are to choose a power supply and a type of remote. Motorization can be an ideal solution if you seek for enhanced security, ease of use and increased child safety.